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Smart TV is one of the wonders of modern science. We know that our Intro looking like a beginning of a composition. But as a Smart Tv user, we all have to confess that.

We can do many of our favorite work on the smart Tv that we can’t do on an ordinary Tv. Different brands of smart Tv has different features on their structure of capability.

One of the best features that smart TV has is a recording screen feature. You can capture the moment that you like on your TV and you want to watch it at any time then you can record the screen of our smart tv.

But for that, you have to know the method of record the screen on Smart TV. If you don’t know that then you can not capture the moment of your Smart TV.

Here’s nothing to worry about because in this article we will tell you about How to record screen on Smart TV. Hope you will find your brand’s method.

Record Screen on Smart TV

Before we start discussing the method we should know about the basic meaning of record screen on a smart TV. As we can imaging with the title it means to capture your smart Tv screen like a video clip to play the moment of your smart TV at any time.

Record Screen on Samsung Smart TV

Record screen on samsung smart TV

Record screen on Samsung smart TV

This is the first brand of our article. Samsung Smart TV is making remarkable Smart TVs for it user. And with it obviously, you can record a program that you want to watch further at any time.

You can simply use the USB cables method but it has some cons on the method. But if you do the recording with your Computer then you can do it and it doesn’t have any bad effect on your recorded videos.

And one more thing that you have to download an application. We will suggest you download the free application called Wondershare UniConverter. With it, you can make a recording.

To work with this method you have to keep those things on your hand:

  • Desktop or laptop
  • Internal or External TV tuner card connected to the computer.
  • Cable connection, channel subscription, or set-to box
  • Compatible driver
  • Wondershare Uniconverter installed on your computer

When you are ready with the ingredients now you can record your smart TV screen with the below steps:

Step-1: At first Launch the Wondershare Uniconverter on your PC.

Step-2: Go to the Screen recorder section to open the panel.

Step-3: Then click on the Settings (Gear icon) from the rock bottom right corner of the collapsed panel.

Step-4: Go to the capture area drop-down list and the choose

Step-5: From the Capture area drop-down list you have to select Full Screen.

Step-6: Then you have to select an audio source for your recording from the System Audio drop-down list you make sure that the Microphone is Disabled.

Step-7: Here you have to use the Save to, Frame rate, and Quality fields and drop-down lists to select destination location, framerate (60fps here), and capture quality (High here) of the recorded video(s) respectively.

Step-8: Now use the checkbox in the Record Timer section to schedule the recording as needed.

Step-9: Once you are done with the above steps for setting up everything correctly click on the REC button from the top-right corner to begin recording the TV shows/movies using the configured preferences.

Record Screen on LG Smart TV

Record Screen on LG smart TV

Record Screen on LG smart TV

LG Smart Tv is now One of the most popular Smart Tv brands in the world. And those TVs are internet-connected that’s why you can enjoy any entertaining program on your Tv very easily.

Record a Program

If you are wanting to record the current program on your LG Smart TV then you can do it by simply following those steps:

Step-1: At first, you have to press the Q.Menu (Which is like 123) button on your Magic remote control from the current screen to display the Screen Remote.

Step-2: Then you have to select this on the Screen Remote to display the Progress Bar.

Step-3: On the Progress Bar, you can see the REC button, Just select it to begin recording the current page.

Step-4: When the recording will starts you can see the record information by simply pressing the Wheel (OK) button located at the top right of the screen.

Step-5: To stop the recording again tap on the REC button (when the recording starts it will change into the stop button) and your recording will be done.

Step-6: And after that, a window will appear to confirm that you wish to stop recording, you have to just appreciate the method to stop recording.

Play your Recorded

You can store the recording on your smart TV’s internal memory or a USB device and from there you can ply the programs that you have recorded.

If you want to play the recorded on your LG TV then you can do this thing by merely doing this simple method on your smart TV:

Step-1: At first, you have to press the Q.Menu (Which is like 123) button on your Magic remote control from the current screen to display the Screen Remote.

Step-2: Then you have to select this on the Screen Remote to display the Progress Bar.

Step-3: On the progress bar, you have to select Recorded TV to display the recorded programs on your smart TV screen.

Step-4: From here select the program that you wish to play.

NOTE: If you are playing a program for the first time then a massage will come to promoting you to select a playback method. you can select play on the previous playtime to watch the program from the point when you stopped watching.

Record Screen on Sony TV

The method of recording screen on Sony TV is quite easy from any other smart Tv brand. You can record your Tv screen by simply clicking on the record button of your remote.

So let’s check out the things that you have to make sure of before you start the process:

  • You have a hard drive that has a minimum of 32 GB of data storage.
  • You have a backup of your hard drive or deleted it.
  • If you want a compatible result then you can use a western digital hard drive.

Registering the Hard drive

Step-1: Connect the Hard drive on the USB port marked as HDD rec.

Step-2: Then press the Home button to get the home screen of your Sony smart TV.

Step-3: Now you have to go to the settings.

Step-4: From here choose the System Settings.

Step-5: After that go to the Recording setup and choose HDD registration.

Step-6: You can see some on-screen instructions, follow those to complete.

Record your TV Screen

If you like a program and want to record the screen then you can simply do it by pressing the Record Button on your remote. And when your recording is over tap on the stop icon (it’s a square icon) on your remote.

Watch your Recorded Content

If you want to watch the thing that you have recorded then you have to do the below steps:

Step-1: At first press the Title list button on your remote.

Step-2: Now you can see the recorded video that you have done in a list.

Step-3: Choose one that you wish to see.

Record Screen on any other Smart TV

With this method, you can easily record any smart TV that you have on your hand. You can use this method on Vizio Smart TV, TLC Smart TV, Hisense Smart TV, Toshiba Smart TV, Sharp Smart TV, skyworth Smart TV, and others.

So let’s check out the steps of the method:

Step-1: If you have the Google Play Store then go to the play store of your smart TV.

Step-2: Go to the Aptoide Tv app and find the Du recorder.

Step-3: Then install the Du recorder on your Smart Tv.

Step-4: Lunch the app.

Step-5: Then click the icon at the bottom right corner to begin the recording.

Step-6: Here you can see a countdown of three seconds and after that, the recording will start.

Step-7: When you want to stop the recording tap on the first icon on the floating toolbar to finish the recording.

Step-8: Now a window will pop-up, you can choose the second icon to edit the video file.

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Guys this is the complete guide on How to Record Screen on Chromebook. You can use one of the methods for the Record screen that we have told you above.

Hope this article was helpful to you. If it does then our attempt will be successful.

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