How to Record Screen on Android

Android is now a popular device around the world. There are many Android devices on our tech-life and with it, we have to do a lot of work on our day-to-day life.

We use Android devices for business, study, tour, communication, etc. For these reasons, we have to record screen on Android devices at much time.

In this case, if we don’t know the methods of record screens on Android devices then we will have to face many problems and difficult situations that can be solved by a simple screen recording.

In this article, we will show you the best methods of How to Record Screen on Android. And we think that this article will be helpful for your tech-life.

At first, we have to know what is the meaning of the record screen on Android devices. Basically, record screen on Android means capture screens activities like a video clip and use it for any needed.

Record screen on Android

There are lots of ways to record screen on Android. With the below methods, you can record and edit your video to get your favorite view and size of your need.

Record Screen on Samsung &LG using Quick Settings

Record Screen on Samsung &LG using Quick Settings

Record Screen on Samsung &LG using Quick Settings

Now Samsung and LG are very popular Android smartphones in the world. And both smartphones have a built-in screen recorder feature in their OEM skin.

So with this method, you will be able to record the screen on both Samsung and LG Android smartphones. The steps of the methods are given below:

Step-1: At first swipe down twice from the top of your device screen, so that the Quick Settings menu can fully expand.

Step-2: Now you have to look for the Screen Recorder option. ( If you don’t find it then you may have to swipe left to the second or third page of options to find it.

Step-3: When you find the screen recorder option you have to tap it.

Step-4: From now the steps will be divided for LG and Samsung, please check your device steps from below:

LG Smartphones:

Step-5: If you are a user of LG smartphones then you will see a recording countdown and after the countdown, your device screen will start to record.

Step-6: When your record will be over swipe down from the top and tap the screen recorder icon.

Samsung Smartphones:

Step-5: If you have Samsung smartphones in your hand then you will be asked if you want to record audio.

Step-6: Here you will see three options and they are record media sounds (your phone’s internal audio), media and the microphone, or no audio.

Step-7: You have to choose an option according to your need and wish.

Step-8: After you do that a countdown will appear, and then it will begin recording.

Step-9: When your record will be over swipe down from the top and tap the screen recorder icon.

Record Screen on HTC Phones

Record Screen on HTC Phones

Record Screen on HTC Phones

A record screen is a beautiful, effective way to capture and share screen activity with others or to catch a moment of your screen that you like.

As an HTC phone user, it’s really important to know the method of recording the screen on it. So no more talk lets check out the steps of the method:

NOTE: This method is only for these phones who have the Navigation bar. Because for them Screen recording tool is available only.

Step-1: At the first check the navigation bar for recording icon (). If you don’t find then do the below:

  • From the Home screen swipe up.
  • Then tap Settings.
  • Here tap on Personalize.
  • Then tap on the Change navigation buttons option.
  • Add recording button to a panel by dragging the button that’s below the line to one of the panels.

    Step-2: Go to the screen that you want to record on your HTC phone.

    Step-3: Then go to the navigation bar and tap .

    Step-4: Here you will be asked for some steps that you want to record on the phone, so perform the steps.

    Step-5: While you are recording on your phone you can do the below:

    1. If you want to pause your recording for some moment then you can tap this icon and when you wish to start recording again just tap on .
    2. If you want to show the screen recording controls during you are recording then tap on .

    NOTE: The will be shown on your recorded video clip and when you will tap it to show screen recording control that will also be captured as well.

    So drag to reposition it on the screen and move them to an area on the screen where they won’t be a distraction.

    Step-8: When your recording will be finished tap on .

    Record Screen on Huawei and Honor phones

    Record Screen on Huawei and Honor phones

    Record Screen on Huawei and Honor phones

    There are three effective methods that you can try to record screen on Huawei and Honor phones. With these methods, you will be able to record the screen of your phone with audio.

    NOTE: In your screen recording if you want to record your voice then touch on the Microphone icon.

    Record screen on Huawei and Honor phones using Key Combination

    This is the first method of Huawei and Honor phones. It is so easy to do. All thing that you have to do is:

    Step-1: Press and hold the Power and Volume up buttons at the same time to start recording the screen.

    Step-2: When your recording is done and you want to stop the recording you have to press and hold both buttons again at the same time.

    And that it! Your screen has been recorded.

    Record screen on Huawei and Honor phones using a shortcut

    This is the second method. One thing that we all have to say that the process of recording screens on Huawei and Honor phones is much easier than any other Android phones.

    So let’s check out the steps of the method:

    Step-1: Go to the screen that you want to capture on your Huawei and Honor phones.

    Step-2: Then swipe down from the status bar to open the Notification panel.

    Step-3: Touch on the Screen Recorder to start screen recording of your chosen screen.

    Step-4: When you are ready with your record touch the timer at the top of the screen to stop the recording.

    Step-5: If you want to see the recording you will find it in Gallery.

    Record screen on Huawei and Honor phones Using two knuckles

    This method is super easy to do. If you would like to experience this method then do the below:

    Step-1: At first, go to the Settings (it’s a gear icon on your Home screen)

    Step-2: Then go to Accessibility features.

    Step-3: Here you will go to the Shortcuts & gestures option.

    Step-4: And finally on the Record screen and ensure that your Record screen is enabled.

    Step-5: Now go to that screen which you want to record.

    Step-6: Then knock the screen twice in quick succession with two knuckles and now your phone’s screen will start recording.

    Step-7: If you want to stop the recording then knock twice again.

    Record Screen on Motorola phones

    Record Screen on Motorola phones

    Record Screen on Motorola phones

    Motorola phones are one of the best popular phones in the world. And the method of recording screen on Motorola phones is quite interesting and long because Motorola doesn’t have any buttons or feature.

    But nothing to worry cause we will work with a third-party app for doing this. And the app will be XRecorder. It is a free app and one of the best valued by users.

    Record Screen on Motorola phones with XRecorder

    The method of record screen on Motorola phones with XRecorder is very easy. Another thing is XRecorder will allow you to include a quick access icon to the quick taskbar.

    With the below steps, we will show you the way to download and include the icon on the taskbar:

    Step-1: Download the app on your Moto.

    Step-2: Once you will run the XRecorder for the first time, you will have to accept the relevant permissions.

    Step-3: When you will do it you will have full access to the application.

    Step-4: You will have to configure the function that interests you the most, and this is the direct access to screen recording.

    Step-5: If you want to add the icon on the taskbar then slide the quick access bar,

    Step-6: Among all those that integrate your Moto phone, you will be able to see one dedicated to XRecorder.

    Step-7: If it is lower in position and you want to raise it to the top positions, you have to just drag it.

    Step-8: Now you are ready to start the recording.

    Step-9: To start it you have to lower the bar and click on the icon.

    Step-10: Then you can see floating controls on the screen, with it you can now stop or cancel the recording.

    Record Screen on OnePlus phones

    Record Screen on OnePlus phones

    Record Screen on OnePlus phones

    Now the method of record the screen is very easy because now it has this feature. In 2019, Oneplus had added native screen recording to OxygenOS.

    So if you are a user of an OnePlus phone that has OxygenOS 9.5 and above then you can use the recording feature. And with this feature, you can have the ability to record audio and a lot of customization options with the recorder.

    To work with the recording feature first you have to add it as a shortcut on your OnePlus phone. Let’s know how to do it:

    Add Screen Recorder as a shortcut on OnePlus

    The option of screen recorder has available as a shortcut in the settings tray on the notification pane.

    But it is not listed in the default pane, so you have to add it from the settings customization window. Heres the steps to do it:

    Step-1: At first, pull down on the status bar to express at the notification drawer.

    Step-2: Then once again you have to pull down to express all the settings.

    Step-3: Now you have to select the Pencil icon at the bottom of the notification drawer to add more options.

    Step-4: Here you have to hold and then drag the Screen Recorder option from the bottom to the notification drawer.

    Step-5: Choose a position that you want to put this recorder in the tray.

    Step-6: Finally hit the back button to finish editing. After finishing you will be able to see the screen recorder shortcut in your notification drawer.

    Use Screen Recorder on your OnePlus phone

    Using is very easy but if you are using it for the first time then you have to give some access to your phone storage, record audio, and network connectivity. Once you agree with this you can now:

    1. See a floating widget with three buttons and they are a red record button, a settings button, and a button to dismiss the feature.
    2. If you want to customize the recording options then you have to go to the setting button.
    3. Here you can choose the resolution, bit rate for the video (from 1-24Mbit), and the number of frames (15-60FPS).
    4. You will also be able to select an audio source for the recording, either using internal audio or the ability to record from the built-in microphones.
    5. With it, you can also select the orientation of the video.
    6. You can hide the floating widget if you want, and automatically pause the recording when the screen is off, and show the touch operations on the screen.

    When you are done with customizing the feature and set up the options, you have to hit the record button on the floating widget to start recording your screen.

    And that’s it.

    Record screen on Lenovo Phones

    Record screen on Lenovo Phones

    Record screen on Lenovo Phones

    In Lenovo, there’s no recording feature available by default. So if you want to record the screen on Lenovomthen you have to use a third-party app.

    And according to us, there’s a free app that can be useful for you. The app is AZ Screen Recorder. With this, you can easily record the screen as you want or you need to.

    Because it doesn’t require root access, no time limit, no watermark, ad-free, and very user-friendly. You can also record audio through Mic and screen touch recording.

    And one more interesting thing about this app is it allows you to control video resolution, bit-rate, frame rate, time-lapse(video speed), screen orientation, text and logo, timer to start and stop, saving directory selection, etc in your record.

    To record screen with this app on your Lenovo phone do the below steps:

    Step-1: Install and run the AZ Screen Recorder on your Lenovo phone and you will b able to see its controller bubble on your phone screen.

    Step-2: You can also access the controller from the Notification Panel on your phone.

    Step-3: If you want to record the screen then tap the Record button in red.

    Step-4: When your recording is over pull down the Notification panel from the top.

    Step-5: Then find the AZ Screen Recorder controls and tap Stop.

    Step-6: You can find the recorded to your Gallery on the phone.

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    Guys this is the complete guide on How to record screen on any Android smartphone. You can use one of the methods for taking a screenshot that we have told you above.

    Hope this article was helpful to you. If it does then our attempt will be successful.

    If you want to know how to take a screenshot on any other device then you can check our homepage. There you can find out the methods of different devices.

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